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Litigation & Arbitration

Our attorneys and lawyers are all loyal to the litigator tradition, and we properly represent our clients before all jurisdictions and authorities. From the beginning of a dispute to its judicial, arbitral or transactional resolution, we are always standing by their side harnessing all the efficient strategy and exploiting all the resources at our disposal.

How We Are Designed To Serve You

Valeo consults litigation and arbitration practice is designed to serve you in diverse ways and at all levels of commercial disputes. Ranging from liability litigation, complex business disputes we have designed the system in such a way that our clients can totally rely on our legal team. We are experts in the field, and we understand our clients business, challenges, and we work tirelessly to resolve disputes in a timely and cost-effective way. Our in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to judicial laws, civil laws, administrative, commercial, and criminal procedures enables us to deal smoothly with sophisticated cases such as legal entities’ criminal liability, shareholders disputes, management dismissal, sale of assets disputes, acts of unfair competition, and wrongful termination of business relations.

We are always available in assisting our clients in deciding their pre-filing options and strategies, and in any case, there is any need of filing a claim or suit our experienced attorneys and lawyers will both efficiently manage the dispute and resolve the matter through determination by judge or settlement.
Post-determination matters, such as judgment enforcement or appeals is also effectively managed by our experienced attorneys.

Whether a dispute revolves around closure of business venture under the business corporation Law, a dispute over a provision in a commercial contract, an injunction to avert a violation of a non-compete provision, or any commercial disputes, our attorneys are ready to fight and win the case for you. Our litigators have represented clients successfully in administrative and civil litigation in state and federal courts.