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Valeo Consultant is a highly distinguished and outstanding logistics group created specifically to address the needs of the people, users and providers of transportation and logistics services Jaipur and India.

We have macrocosmic experience in logistics management, and in all transportation modes either on a regional or national basis. All the team members offering logistic services in our firm has a minimum of ten years’ experience while working with freight forwarders, motor carriers and logistics management companies. With this, they have developed an expertise and experience in logistics management, supply chain, warehousing issues, cargo claims, freight charge disputes, freight intermediary issues, warehouse contracting and restructuring, subrogation, environmental claims and regulatory matters.

Our logistics team attains to clients’ legal needs that may arise anywhere in the international supply chain. We respond in a prompt, cost-effective manner.
We take care of all modes of transportation and logistics, including motor carrier, rail, maritime/barge, customs and international trade, aviation and third-party logistics.

Thank you for your interest in Valeo Consults Logistics please contact us for more information.