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Our overseas trading services department is committed to finding profitable investment for all kind of projects primarily in an eco-friendly environment where there is low-cost housing, construction is at its best, infrastructural amenities is at topnotch, and its environment is the perfect place for new generation business or technology to thrive or grow.

With over sixteen years of experience, our team members handling our overseas trading services has put up a solid structure that will bring each scheme to reality, and they also make plans for funding clients to a certain level which will cover all aspect of the project.

Valeo consults overseas trading services are currently working in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, America and other parts of the world so as to introduce clients to advanced technological factories in the world and to also introduce them clients to funders who can fund huge and massive projects. We introduce our clients to technology experts, specialist lenders, and local construction teams, so as to ensure that the right solution is proffered and delivered on time and within budget.

For oversea trading services, contact us today, our expertise can help you in dealing with local and foreign governments, large corporations and people of high net worth. We focus on making use of all the available assets to proffer and deliver solutions that will increase performance and productivity.