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We are corporate law service agency that helps clients maximizing returns to creditors,deliver absolute economic confidence by supporting those who are in financial difficulty, tackling financial wrongdoing. For more than a decade, our firm has been constantly recognized as a leading provider of insolvency services.

At Valeo consults, our mission is to provide business organizations and their creditors with effective, quick and cost-effective medium of resolving a financially distressed company’s insolvency or transition.

The Following Are The Insolvency Services We Offer:

We administer bankruptcies and debt relief orders

We look into the affairs of companies in liquidation, making reports of any director misconduct

We investigate trading companies and take action to wind them up and/or disqualify the directors if there is evidence of misconduct

We act as trustee/liquidator where no private sector insolvency practitioner is in place

We issue redundancy payments from the National Insurance Fund

We work to disqualify unfit directors in all corporate failures

We deal with bankruptcy and debt relief restrictions orders and undertakings

We act as a impartial source of information for the public on insolvency and redundancy matters

We advise BEIS ministers and other government departments and agencies on insolvency and redundancy related issues

We investigate and prosecute breaches of company and insolvency legislation and other criminal offences on behalf of BEIS